The Firm
RAH & PARTNERS Counselors at Law & Solicitors ("RAH&P”). We are a professional, ethical and experienced team of lawyers representing primarily in the practise of business law and corporate litigation. Our Lawyers represent a number of diverse corporate clients from around the world as well as a number of individuals in a wide range of business law. We have a proven record of dedication to our clients in several prominent law and internationally associated law firms, Bank and Multi National Company in Jakarta.

RAH&P itself is law firm primarily engaged in the practise of business law and corporate litigation as well. RAH&P consists of several corporate and litigation lawyers who have developed their friendship since they were in the School of Law, University of Indonesia, Jakarta for over 22 (tweenty two) years. Therefore during the time, lawyers involve at RAH&P have comprehensive experiences in several prominent law and internationally associated law firms, Bank and Multi National Company in Jakarta, i.e. Law Offices of Wiriadinata & Widyawan (in association with Allen, Allen & Hamsley, Arthur Robinson & Hadderwick), Bank of New York and ASTRA Group. Although the firm itself is relatively new, all of its partners are seasoned professionals with many years of experience in various projects involving local and international clients.

RAH&P was established with the aims of providing high quality professional services with personal attentions and close attorney-client relationships. Our services cover a broad range of non-litigation and litigation cases, both business and private. Our approach in service deliveries is to focus on the needs to make things happen for our clients and to be thorough, non-confrontational, yet determined.

RAH&P are designed to provide legal services with the negotiable cost without sacrifice the services quality.

By virtue of their years of experience working with various prominent law offices, our partners and associates have accumulated substantial expertise in the following work categories:
• Agency and distributorship
• Capital Market
• Corporate Finance
• Franchising & Licensing
• General Corporate
• Hotel and tourism
• Immigration Law
• Intellectual property rights
• International trade
• Internet service provider
• E-Business enhancer
• Banking and Credit
• Debt Restructuring
• Construction and Technical Engineering
• Mass Media, Broadcast and Telecommunication
• Collection and Credit Recovery
• Insurance
• Investments and joint-ventures
• Labour and manpower
• Manufacturing
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Mining and energy
• Project Financing
• Privatisation
• Real estate and property
• Structured finance and securitization
• Trade financing
• Trusts and other off-shore entities
• Consumer Financing, Leasing, Factoring, Credit Card, Securities, Venture Capital and Insurance
• Transportation, Shipping and Carriage