RAH & Partners Service :
RAH&P services can be broadly defined as follows:

Insurance RAH&P speciality in which one of our partner is in ability to handle insurance matters. These include all aspects of reviewing of legal documents, mitigating of legal risks and other legal aspects of insurance related.

General Corporate RAH&P has extensive experience in various areas of general corporate matters. These include all aspects of commercial contracts negotiations, drafting and structuring for various sectors including oil and mining, hotel and tourism, manufacturing, trading and distribution, transportation, aviation, and cross-border transactions.

Arbitrary disputes
Bankruptcy claim and/or defence
Land and property claim and/or defence
Intellectual property claim and/or defence
Breach of contract claim and/or defence
Labour and manpower cases
Immigration cases
Criminal law cases including corruption, fraud, libel, embezzlement, and representation during police inquiries.
Insurance claim and/or defence.
Due Diligence Services RAH&P provides comprehensive and limited due-diligence services for joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions, privatization, liquidation and dissolution, sale and purchase of assets, debt restructuring, initial or subsequent public offerings, issues of debt securities, and asset or mortgage securitisation.

Banking, Financing, Credit and Insurance services can be provided by RAH&P in there aspects cover, inter alia preparation of various joint financing, foreign exchange transaction and international payment, debt restructuring, developing financing/Banking product, preparing legal and credit documents, preparing security and collateral documents, credit audit and monitoring.

Foreign Investment RAH&P can assist intending investors from start to finish by advising on the correct corporate or non-corporate formation, obtaining all permits and approvals, performing due diligence, assisting in property purchase, and helping to formulate labour policies and company by-laws.

Bankrupcty and Insolvency RAH&P had handled bankruptcy processes since well before the introduction of the new bankrupcty laws in Indonesia. RAH&P fully understands the nature of difficulties pertaining to claims and counter-claims, multiple liens, court procedures and execution.

Capital Market RAH&P can assist clients contemplating aquisition of listed companies in Indonesia or internationally. RAH&P can also assist in Initial Public Offering, right issue, and other issues of securities.

Lands and Real Properties RAH&P
offers highly personalised services in the area of private foreign and domestic ownership of lands and properties, including representations in claim and dispute settlemens both before and out-of Courts.

Apart from providing services to individuals, RAH&P also serves corporate clienteles in matters of land holding, land collateral and multiple claims on land or property.

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) RAH&P
can assist domestic and international clients in patent, trademark, franchise and license registrations, claims and/or disputes in indonesia. RAH&P IPR service is highly competitive in price and in addition, RAH&P provides case-by-case or on-going research and report services to ensure continuous maximum protection.
Particularly for the Intellectual Property Right services, RAH&P builds a special entity name AMBROSIUS INTERNATIONAL PATENT, as a subsidiary entity under RAH&P. Our purpose is to give an excellent services to our clients.